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Purple Star

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Starfish abound on most seacoasts, especially on rocky shores and wharf pilings. They are members of the Phylum Echinodermata and Class Asteroidea. The body consists of a central disk and tapering rays, or arms. At the end of each arm … Continue reading

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Shared Habitat

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In our area the chief food of coyotes is lagomorphs (hares, rabbits), small rodents (ground squirrels, gophers, kangaroo rats, meadow mice and voles) insects, nuts, berries and fruit. However,  coyotes (Canis latrans) are very adaptable and will eat whatever is … Continue reading

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Rock Spiraea

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The plant Leonard and I commonly call rock spiraea is a variety of Holodiscus discolor (oceanspray or cream bush).  As I mentioned in my last post (“Rockmat” on 11-06-19), Petrophytum caespitosum is often also colloquially referred to as rock spiraea. … Continue reading

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Leonard and I were first introduced to Petrophytum caespitosum in October while visiting Great Basin National Monument in Nevada as “rock spiraea”. It was growing along the Mountain View Nature Trail.  Hmmm. . . We were familiar with a “rock … Continue reading

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Smooth Willowherb

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Smooth willowherb, smoothstem fireweed and glaucous willowherb are just three of the colloquial names used interchangeably for Epilobium glaberrimum and its two subspecies glaberrimum and fastigatum. In June Leonard and I found specimens between the North and South Elkins Barns … Continue reading

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Female Ruby-crowned Kinglet

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A “tiny, plump neurosis with feathers” is how the ruby-crowned kinglet is described in Birds of Northern California by Quady et. al. (2015). This hyperactive bird is constantly flitting about while flicking its wings. Ruby-crowned kinglets (Regulus calendula) are among … Continue reading

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Dwarf Mountain Groundsel

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When Leonard and I climbed Mount Lassen in August, we saw groundsel plants high on the mountain near the summit. When I tried to identify these plants I wandered into a taxonomic muddle. First I determined that this was Senecio … Continue reading

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