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Seed Heteromorphism

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In February, while hiking with friends along Abbott’s Lagoon Trail at Point Reyes National Seashore in California, we found some horned searocket (Cakile maritima) plants in bloom. The plants also had siliques – hard, corky, dehiscent fruits found in members … Continue reading

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Yesterday while hiking in Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Lassen County CA), Leonard and I saw something puzzling and for which we do not have an explanation. Two bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), an adult and a juvenile, flew overhead. The adult … Continue reading

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“Blue” Snow Goose

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It was darkly overcast, snowy and windy today when Leonard spotted a blue goose (Chen caerulescens) amid a flock of snow geese feeding in a field near the Modoc/Lassen California County Line on Modoc County Road 91. We see blue … Continue reading

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Dwarf Tanoak

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Tanoak (Notholithocarpus densiflora) can grow in two forms: a tree (var densiflora) or a shrub (var echinoides). In July, Leonard and I found dwarf tanoak (also called tanoak shrub) growing in profusion along the Castle Lake Road in Shasta Trinity … Continue reading

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Bride’s Feathers

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Various preparations made from the roots, leaves or the ashes of burnt bride’s feathers (Aruncus dioicus) were used by many Native Americans for a variety of ailments including blood diseases, smallpox, tuberculosis, bee stings, sores, swelling, bleeding, gonorrhea and as … Continue reading

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Granite Prickly Phlox

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Granite prickly phlox (Linanthus pungens) is a low shrub that grows erect or may be short and spreading, depending on the environment. Under good conditions, the plant can grow up to 3 feet in height, while at higher elevations mat-like … Continue reading

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Scarlet Gilia

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Ipomopsis aggregata is a plant of many names, both scientific and common. A member of the Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae), this extremely variable wildflower is surrounded in taxonomic confusion, much of which has to do with the flower color. It varies … Continue reading

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