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Dwarf Chamaesaracha

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Dwarf chamaesaracha (Chamaesaracha nana) has “uncommon abundant” distribution. (That is an oxymoron.) It is an uncommon plant, however, in the places where it does occur, dwarf chamaesaracha is abundant. This native perennial, a member of the Nightshade Family, is found … Continue reading

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Introduced Mantis

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At the Konpira Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture (Shikoku Japan), I photographed a praying mantis that closely resembled the praying mantis we see on our property near Lookout CA (Modoc County). I later discovered, much to my surprise, that this praying … Continue reading

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Bog Laurel

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Kalmia polifolia has many common names: bog laurel, swamp laurel, bog kalmia, mountain laurel and alpine laurel, among others. I always called this native shrub (also often listed as a wildflower) bog laurel and will continue to do so. Additionally, … Continue reading

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White Hawkweed

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Worldwide there are over 700 species of “hawkweeds”, mostly in Europe and South America. The ancient Greeks believed that hawks would tear apart the plant and wet their eyes with the juice to clear their eyesight. The Roman naturalist Pliny … Continue reading

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Blue Blossom

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Cal Flora lists 83 Ceanothus species and subspecies in California. Many members of this genus are so difficult to separate from each other that I often do not even attempt to do so. Blue blossom (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus) is one that … Continue reading

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Salmonberries (Rubus spectabilis) are very watery and, I believe, are best eaten directly off the stem. Leonard and I recently enjoyed nibbling salmonberries while hiking the Carruthers Cove Trail in California’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Salmonberries are not particularly … Continue reading

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Fringe Cups

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Fringe cups (Tellima grandiflora) is a perennial native belonging to the Saxifrage Family. They so closely resemble plants in the genus Mitella (bishop’s caps) that their genus, Tellima, is an anagram of Mitella. The species name, grandiflora, means “large flowers” … Continue reading

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