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Sulfur Buckwheat

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There are over a thousand species of buckwheat worldwide. The buckwheat family contains interesting and pretty wildflowers, as well as food sources, such as cultivated buckwheat (pancakes, anyone?) and rhubarb. Where we live (California) there are over a hundred buckwheat … Continue reading

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Queen Anne’s Lace

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A wild ancestor of the cultivated carrot, Queen Anne’s lace (Daucus carota) was introduced from Eurasia and is now well established throughout North America. Growing in old pastures, fields  and other disturbed areas, Queen Anne’s lace is often considered a … Continue reading

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Another common plant of open sites (grassy meadows, slopes and rocky areas) which are composed of dry, sandy and gravelly soil, is brodiaea (Brodiaea douglasii). About 16 native species of this lily family member are found in the West. The nomenclature of brodiaea … Continue reading

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