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Immature Western Bluebird

When junipers have heavy berry crops, western bluebirds (Sialia mexicanus) may gather in the hundreds to feed on the berries. Late last month Leonard and I came across a juniper tree teeming with western bluebirds while checking fence on our … Continue reading

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Western Bluebird – A Small Thrush

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Western bluebirds (Sialia mexicanus) are members of the Turdidae Family¬† – the thrushes. I tend to forget that these little blue, orange and grey birds are related to robins and solitares, also members of the Thrush Family. Thrushes generally are … Continue reading

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Sialia mexicanus – Western Bluebird

This gallery contains 2 photos.

A social bird, the western bluebird (Sialia mexicanus)¬† often feeds in large flocks during the non-breeding season. The summer diet of this small thrush consists mostly of insects, while during the winter western bluebirds subsist mostly on fruits and berries. … Continue reading

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