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Serviceberry Fruits

Leonard and I went serviceberry picking yesterday and came home with enough of these mildly sweet berries to make a pie. The serviceberry fruits are delicious eaten raw or can be made into jam, syrup or other sweet treats. Serviceberry … Continue reading

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Woolly Leaf Gall Midge

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A midge belonging to the genus Blaesodiplosis induces galls on the leaves of a shrub commonly called serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia). The hairy, white galls have red tips and are monothalamous (have only one chamber). The galls occur on the upper … Continue reading

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Serviceberry Galls

Gymnosporangium clavipes is a widespread rust (fungus) that infects over 480 species in 11 genera. Also called cedar quince/hawthorn rust, G. clavipes is heteroecious, meaning that it requires two alternate hosts to complete it life cycle. One host, various members … Continue reading

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A native shrub or small tree found throughout the western States and most of Canada, serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) is a member of the Rose Family with five white petals. The serviceberry flowers appear in the early spring as the snow … Continue reading

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