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Cinnamon Chicks

Sandhill crane (Antigone canadensis) chicks are hatching and can occasionally be seen following their parents amid marsh vegetation. It is always exciting to see these little cinnamon-colored youngsters. Sandhill crane chicks can leave the nest in about eight hours after … Continue reading

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Nesting Sandhill Cranes

This gallery contains 3 photos.

While hiking along the Eagle Pole Trail in Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Lassen County CA) a sandhill crane (Antigone canadensis) began distraction maneuvers in the grassland to one side of the trail. I snapped a couple pictures and then, believing … Continue reading

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Unusual Behavior

Already this year I did several sandhill crane (Antigone canadensis) posts. Although I do not like to repeat a species too often, a sandhill crane recently exhibited unusual behavior that has us wondering. Leonard and I were hiking in Ash … Continue reading

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Mixed Flock?

A mixed flock occurs when members of different species feed or live together. This behavior usually is more prevalent outside the breeding season. For example, Leonard and I often see warblers, chickadees, nuthatches, kinglets and/or woodpeckers feeding or moving together … Continue reading

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Interesting Composition

During this “stay-at-home” period Leonard and I hike in Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Modoc/Lassen Counties CA) almost every day. Winter birds are leaving, summer residents are arriving and the year-round fauna continue to delight. Because of cold temperatures spring is … Continue reading

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