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Male Ponderosa Pine Cones

The ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) is a gymnosperm, that is, it belongs to the group of plants in which seeds are formed exposed or “naked” on sporophylls (spore bearing leaves),¬† as contrasted with angiosperms where the seed is formed within … Continue reading

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Curious Observation

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In late November Leonard and I went to collect pine cones near Willow Creek Campground on California Highway 139 near Adin CA. Ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa) and Jeffrey pines¬† (Pinus jeffreyi), and hybrids of the two, are plentiful in that area. … Continue reading

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Serotinous Cones

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The more I learn about lodgepole pines (Pinus contorta), a Western species, the more I realize how complex and diverse this widespread conifer is. At least three, perhaps more, subspecies exist. Each of these subspecies vary depending on their environment. … Continue reading

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