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Western Gull

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When I close my eyes and imagine the coast, I hear waves breaking,  fog horns, bell buoys and, of course, the raucous calls of gulls. The western gull (Larus occidentalis) is a resident of the Pacific Coast and can be … Continue reading

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European Paper Wasp

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Paper wasps, like the common aerial yellowjacket I recently mentioned, gather fibers from dead wood and plant stems, mix the fibers with saliva and build water-resistant nests from this material. Unlike the yellowjacket, which builds closed nests, paper wasps build … Continue reading

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I could not decide whether to title this post “kinnikinnick” or “common bearberry”. This delightful evergreen with bright red berries is known by both names. I use both, but decided kinnikinnick was a more interesting word. Kinnikinnick (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is … Continue reading

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Common Madia

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As I mentioned in earlier posts, this year prickly lettuce and Chilean tarweed are two of the predominant wildflowers/weeds along our roadsides this year. A third plant in abundance is the common madia (Madia elegans), also known as the elegant madia. … Continue reading

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Male Pronghorn Herd

Today is the Fall Equinox!! We are fortunate to have pronghorn (Antilocapra americanna), also commonly called pronghorn antelope, in the pastures and fields surrounding our property. A social animal, pronghorn move higher into the mountains during the summer where they … Continue reading

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Common Water Strider

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The common water strider (Gerris remigis) is a true bug that looks like a mosquito walking on the surface of the water. Reported from all contiguous 48 states, the water strider lives on the surface of ponds, marshes, slow streams … Continue reading

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Gem-studded Puffball

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I recently read that inhalation of the spores of some puffballs belonging to the Lycoperdaceae family can cause a lung disease called lycoperdonosis, an inflammation of the alveoli that may lead to lung damage, liver damage and coma in severe cases. I … Continue reading

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