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Pipilo chlorurus

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Wildfires often rage through parts of Northeastern California near our home in the summer. This year is no exception with the Allen and Dalton Fires behind Fox Mountain, the Gold Fire South of Adin CA and the Caldwell Fire raging … Continue reading

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Widehead Groundsel

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Widehead groundsel (Packera eurycephala) is a native perennial formerly identified as Senecio eurycephala. The current genus name honors Botanist John George Packer (1929 – 2019) who was a specialist on Arctic and alpine flora and taught at the University of … Continue reading

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Douglas’ Knotweed

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Named after David Douglas (1798 – 1834), a Scot who collected botanical specimens in North America, Douglas’ knotweed (Polygonum douglasii) is a species of variable morphology having many subspecies, most of which are difficult to distinguish. Mountain knotweed is another … Continue reading

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Amicable Sounds

Leonard and I were walking along Modoc National Forest Road 40N11A where the 2017 Cove Fire destroyed over 30,000 acres near Adin CA. The forest is recovering and the understory is thick. Charred trees still stand as grim reminders of … Continue reading

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Western Kingbird Fledgling

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Western kingbirds (Tyrannus verticalis) build their nests in a variety of locations. Usually the nest is located in the vertical fork or on a horizontal branch of a tree, 15 to 30 feet above the ground. This flycatcher also utilizes … Continue reading

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