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Smith’s Fairybell

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Smith’s fairybell (Prosartes smithii) is a perennial native belonging to the Lily Family. It occurs in redwood forests and other moist, shady forestsĀ  near the coast from Southern Vancouver Island through California. The branched, fuzzy Smith’s fairybell stems arise from … Continue reading

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Boisduval’s Blue

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Boisduval’s blue (Plebejus icarioides) is a butterfly that ranges from British Columbia to Baja and east to the western edge of the Great Plains. It can be found in mountain meadows, forest openings and sagebrush areas, wherever there is a … Continue reading

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Shasta Snow Wreath

In my last post (05-14-18 “Hidden in Plain Sight”) I introduced a shrub that was only “discovered”, described and named in 1992. As of 2017 there were only 33 known populations of Shasta snow wreath (Neviusia cliftonii), all located in … Continue reading

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Hiding in Plain Sight

In 1992 Leonard and I were excited by reports that a new species in the Rose Family was discovered on a limestone deposit in a canyon along CA Highway 299 near Ingot CA, which is not too distant from our … Continue reading

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Two Species?

Currently there is only one species of willet (Tringa semipalmatus). Some birders recognize two subspecies, the western inornatus and the eastern semipalmatus, and believe the subspecies should be designated as separate species. Species (and genus) designation decisions are made by … Continue reading

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Female Sara Orangetip

The taxonomy of Sara orangetip butterflies (Anthocaris sara) is in flux. There are several subspecies of A sara and some taxonomists have elevated these subspecies (stella and julia, in particular) to full species status. This butterfly, which occurs along the … Continue reading

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Tolmie’s Pussy Ears

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Dr. William Fraser Tolmie (1812 – 1886) discovered and named Calochortus tolmiei, commonly known as Tolmie’s pussy ears or Tolmie star tulip. Dr. Tolmie was born in Scotland and ended up with the Hudson Bay Company in the Pacific Northwest. … Continue reading

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