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Western Tansy Mustard

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  Western tansy mustard (Descurainia pinnata) is a native annual found throughout most of North America up to about 7,000 feet elevation. It is particularly common in the Pacific States. Western tansy mustard occupies various habitats, particularly dry, desert areas … Continue reading

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Check the Leaves

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When I was a young child there were three types of violets: purple, yellow and white. It was unimportant at that point in my life to identify the flowers in all those violet bouquets I brought home. I knew they … Continue reading

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Nest Vacated

Yesterday morning I returned to the osprey (Pandion haliaetus) nest which, for the third consecutive year, was co-opted by a pair of Canada geese (Branta canadensis). See: Sublet Osprey Nest 03-31-2017 There were two Canada geese inside the nest, not … Continue reading

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Mountain Violet

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Mountain violets (Viola purpurea) are native perennials found in the western United States and British Columbia. The gravelly soil of exposed mountain slopes, grasslands and meadows up to 8,000′ elevation are their preferred habitat. With over eight subspecies, mountain violets … Continue reading

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First Goslings

For years a friend and I had an informal competition each spring to see who could locate the first goslings of the season. Although Dave and I no longer continue that rivalry, I continue to search for the first goslings … Continue reading

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Spring Gold

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A long, wet winter has advantages. After several years of drought, Leonard and I are seeing and enjoying an unusual abundance of wildflowers. Although one must look in and around the sagebrush on the slopes near the Pronghorn Parking Lot … Continue reading

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The Eagle and the Raven

While driving along County Road 87 to the west of Adin CA (Modoc County), Leonard and I noticed what, to us, was an unusual sight. On two adjacent fence posts sat a bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and a common raven … Continue reading

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