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Faustina Underwing

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There are over 100 species of underwing moths (Genus Catocala) in America north of Mexico. Many look similar and are difficult for the amateur to tell apart. Based on range, physical traits and larval hosts, I believe this specimen is … Continue reading

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White-lined Sphinx

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The white-lined sphinx (Hyles lineata) usually flies at dawn and dusk, although it also flies during the day. This specimen was photographed at Ash Creek Wildlife Refuge (Modoc County CA) in the late afternoon, although it was an overcast day. … Continue reading

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Ornate Tiger Moth

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Last May I did a post on the larval or caterpillar stage of the garden tiger moth (Arctia caja), but have yet to get a picture of the adult stage. However, I did get a picture of another tiger moth, … Continue reading

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