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Ponderosa Pine Regeneration

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Ponderosa pines (Pinus ponderosa) are considered one of the most fire resistant conifers in the west because of their seedlings’ propensity to benefit from mineral soil seedbeds and open habitats created by wildfires. This fire resistance increases as the tree … Continue reading

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Middens with Mushrooms

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With our area, Northeast California, in the midst of an extended drought, very few of the normally abundant fungi have appeared the last few years. Over the last week about 0.3″ of rain fell – not much by any standards. … Continue reading

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Chickaree Middens

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According to my dictionary, midden means 1) a refuse heap or 2) a small pile (seeds, bones, leaves for example) gathered by a rodent. A chickaree, or Douglas’ tree squirrel, (Tamiasciurus douglasii) makes both types of midden. Fall is harvest … Continue reading

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