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Coast Reindeer Lichen

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A lichen is a fungus (think mushroom) that “cultivates” species specific algae (orĀ  sometimes cyanobacteria) within itself. The algae photosynthesize and provide the fungus nutrients. In turn, the fungus provides a “home” and protection to the algae. There are about … Continue reading

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Map Lichen

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LichenĀ  are composite organisms composed of fungi and certain species of algae in a symbiotic relationship. The fungus provides structural stability, nutrients absorbed from the substrate and a relatively stable microenvironment for the algae. In turn, the algae provides carbohydrates … Continue reading

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Ruffled Freckle Pelt

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Lichen are composite organisms consisting of a fungus living together in a symbiotic relationship with a photosynthetic partner – green algae, cyanobacteria or both. The photosynthetic partner (photobiont) provides food for the fungus (mycobiont), which in return provides protection from … Continue reading

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American Wolf Lichen

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The Winter Solstice! Beginning tomorrow the days will begin to lengthen and before long new growth and color will once again brighten the landscape. Even in the depths of winter the bright, almost fluorescent yellow-green or chartreuse American wolf lichen … Continue reading

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Horsehair Lichen

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After a long, dry summer and fall we finally got rain! For months I could find no mushrooms, but now the fungi are beginning to pop up. The mosses and lichen are soft and supple after being leathery and brittle … Continue reading

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