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Happy Ending

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This post is simply a story with a happy ending and pictures of a cute little bird. Last week a friend brought over a lesser goldfinch female (Spinus psaltria) that crashed into her glass sliding door in Lookout CA (Modoc … Continue reading

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  Dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis) feed mostly on seeds and insects. In winter the junco’s diet consists mostly of weed and grass seeds, while in the summer insects are added. Juncos forage mostly while hopping and running on the ground. … Continue reading

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Feeding Lesser Goldfinch

Winters, particularly ones as severe as our winter was this year, are hard on birds. The deep snow can make food inaccessible, while the bitter cold increases energy requirements. During storms Leonard and I often find birds that are too … Continue reading

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Lesser Goldfinch

We heard their mewing calls first and then saw the flock of lesser goldfinch (Spinus¬†psaltria) in the cottonwoods next to the house (Lookout CA).¬†There they were, about fifty tiny acrobatic finches assuming various positions, even hanging upside down, in an … Continue reading

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