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Striped Meadowhawk

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I am not certain if there are more dragonflies and damselflies this year, or if I simply am more attuned to them. For whatever reason, I seem to be finding more this year than in previous summers. Recently I wrote … Continue reading

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Sugar Pine

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The world’s largest pine, the sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana), is native to the mountains of the Pacific Coast from Oregon to Baja CA. Sugar pines can live 400 or 500 years and attain heights of over 200 feet with trunks … Continue reading

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Junco Bath Time

Feathers require constant care! In order to maintain their plumage, birds “bathe” to clean their feathers and rid them of parasites. Where water is available, birds bathe in water. In arid regions dust replaces water for feather grooming. Many birds … Continue reading

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