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European Paper Wasp

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Paper wasps, like the common aerial yellowjacket I recently mentioned, gather fibers from dead wood and plant stems, mix the fibers with saliva and build water-resistant nests from this material. Unlike the yellowjacket, which builds closed nests, paper wasps build … Continue reading

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Common Water Strider

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The common water strider (Gerris remigis) is a true bug that looks like a mosquito walking on the surface of the water. Reported from all contiguous 48 states, the water strider lives on the surface of ponds, marshes, slow streams … Continue reading

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West Coast Painted Lady

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Painted ladies have the distinction of being the most widely distributed butterflies in the world. Because of their wide range, another common name for painted ladies is cosmopolitans.  The West Coast painted lady, one of three or four species found … Continue reading

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