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Three Year Project

I wanted to find a California ground cone (Kopsiopsis strobilacea) but had no success until late July 2018 when I discovered a group of them along the Old Growth Trail at Oregon Caves National Monument. The plants were already in … Continue reading

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Western Dwarf Mistletoe

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Another witches’ broom seems like an appropriate Halloween post. Witches’ brooms are caused by a variety of agents, rust fungi (“Juniper Witches’ Brooms” on 03-10-14), mildews, viruses and mistletoe plants, among others. Mistletoe is host specific. I previously wrote about … Continue reading

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Dodder Flowers

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Recently I posted about a bizarre plant, but lamented that it was not yet in flower. I kept checking back on the dodder (Cuscuta sp.). Finally there are flowers, in prodigious quantities. Related to the morning glory family, dodder has … Continue reading

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It has been a long time since I saw any dodder (Cuscuta sp.). A few days ago when Leonard and I were leaving the McArthur Swamp (Shasta County CA) I noticed patches of distinctive orange spreading across the foliage on … Continue reading

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