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Western Giant Puffball

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The Basidiomycetes are fungi that bear spores on (not in) specialized cells called basidia. One group of Basidiomytes produce their spores externally on gills, tubes, lobes, etc, and are the typical “mushrooms” with which we are all familiar. The second … Continue reading

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Western Rhizopogon

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Walking along Ash Creek at the Dan Ryan Meadow (Lassen County CA) I noticed a slight mushrump (hump on the surface of the ground caused by a developing fungi) in the sandy soil under a ponderosa pine. Carefully pushing aside … Continue reading

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Gem-studded Puffball

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I recently read that inhalation of the spores of some puffballs belonging to the¬†Lycoperdaceae¬†family can cause a lung disease called lycoperdonosis, an inflammation of the alveoli that may lead to lung damage, liver damage and coma in severe cases. I … Continue reading

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