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Phoenix Oyster

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Phoenix oysters (Pleurotus pulmonarius) are shelf-like gilled mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms in the Pleurotus genus are morphologically very similar. Often substrate and time of occurrence are the best way to separate them in the field. For example, P ostreatus (red oyster) … Continue reading

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Heyderia abietic

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Heyderia abietic is an uncommon club mushroom – or more likely it is rarely noticed. Growing in scattered groups on fallen conifer needles (mostly spruce and fir), this fungus rarely grows more than an inch tall.  The small size combined … Continue reading

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Scarlet Bonnet

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The “mycena” are a large group of diminutive, delicate mushrooms. Most are a drab grey or brown, however, a few are brightly colored. Following heavy rains, scarlet bonnet (Mycena adonis) can be found amid the needle beds of coniferous forests … Continue reading

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Jelly Tooth

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Toothed fungi (Hydnaceae) bear their spores on downward-pointing spines or “teeth” instead of on gills or pores.  The true tooth fungi are fleshy to brittle in texture. One of the gelatinous jelly fungi (Tremellales) also has a toothed spore-bearing surface. … Continue reading

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Orange Earth Tongue

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One more mushroom from along Burney Creek in McArthur-Burney Falls State Park (CA) and then on to other topics: Orange Earth Tongue (Microglossum rufum) is a small mushroom with an orange to yellow club-shaped fruiting body. The enlarged, fertile “head” … Continue reading

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Bird’s Nest Fungi

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One of the things that amazes me are the various forms and shapes found among fungi or mushrooms. Bird’s nest fungi, although very small and often overlooked, actually do look like tiny bird’s nests. Measured in millimeters, bird’s nest fungi … Continue reading

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Members of the Crepidotus genus are shelf-like gilled mushrooms that superficially resemble oyster mushrooms, but are much smaller than oyster mushrooms and have brown rather than white spores. Creps are round or kidney shaped in outline and have no stalk … Continue reading

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