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Feather Color

Bufflehead males (Bucephala albeola) have iridescent  purple-green heads that often, depending on the light, appear black. In April, I photographed a bufflehead at Manzanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park CA.  In every picture but one, the bufflehead has a … Continue reading

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Woodpecker Tail Feathers

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Once the trees shed their summer foliage it is so much easier to find and observe our avian winter residents. Recently a female hairy woodpecker (Picoides villosus) was working in an old apple tree near our house (Lookout CA). I … Continue reading

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Junco Bath Time

Feathers require constant care! In order to maintain their plumage, birds “bathe” to clean their feathers and rid them of parasites. Where water is available, birds bathe in water. In arid regions dust replaces water for feather grooming. Many birds … Continue reading

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Only a Mother. . .

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As I said before, only a mother could love the bald head of a vulture. Old World vultures (Nubian, Egyptian, white-backed vultures, among others)  and New World vultures (turkey vultures, black vultures and California condors) are not related, however, both … Continue reading

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