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Yet Another Great Blue Heron

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After a week of rain and grey skies it was great to spend a day at Eagle Lake (Lassen County CA). The weather was sunny but cold, so the birds were not particularly active, which is to say I did … Continue reading

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Unusual Meal

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As I wrote in an earlier post on the American coot (Fulica americana), “Although they eat aquatic plants and will pick at terrestrial vegetation, they are not strictly vegetarian and will also take insects, crustaceans and small vertebrates.” Although American … Continue reading

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Sleepy Tundra Swans

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Tundra swans (Cygnus columbianus) breed on the high tundra across North America and winter in the more temperate areas of the continent, particularly along the coasts. During the winter we are fortunate to have these beautiful waterfowl visit the grasslands … Continue reading

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A white feather was floating on the surface of Eagle Lake (Lassen County CA) – most likely a pelican feather. I watched the feather as it bobbed about, trying to estimate where it might come ashore. The feather also caught … Continue reading

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Cooperative Feeding

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Examples abound of cooperative feeding in animals – a pack of wolves that work together to chase down a deer, birds that distract the parents while their comrades raid a nest – the list goes on. Recently I watched eared … Continue reading

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