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Fremont Silk Tassel

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As I mentioned in my last post, Leonard and I spent the Easter weekend searching for a few previously elusive species. We found a greater sage-grouse (see “Greater Sage-grouse on 04-02-2018). Another “find” was Fremont silk tassel (Garrya fremontii). Fremont … Continue reading

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Pussy Willow

On Tuesday I found the first pussy willows (Salix sp.) of the season at Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Modoc County CA).  Of course I had to pick a few branches to take home. Most everyone has admired the whitish grey, … Continue reading

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Four-winged saltbush (Atriplex canescens) is normally dioecious, male and female flowers are found on separate plants. However, about 10% of four-winged saltbush plants are monoecious – both male and female flowers are found on the same plant. To further complicate … Continue reading

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Western Dwarf Mistletoe

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Another witches’ broom seems like an appropriate Halloween post. Witches’ brooms are caused by a variety of agents, rust fungi (“Juniper Witches’ Brooms” on 03-10-14), mildews, viruses and mistletoe plants, among others. Mistletoe is host specific. I previously wrote about … Continue reading

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Four-winged Saltbush

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Four-winged saltbush (Atriplex canescens) has caught my attention. Three things fascinate me about this native, perennial shrub. First, four-winged saltbush is dioecious, that is, male and female flowers are found on different plants. Yet in some instances saltbush can be … Continue reading

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