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Hairy Gall Wasp

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Canyon live oaks (Quercus chrysolepis) are plentiful on Spring Hill (a “satellite” volcanic cone) at the base of Mount Shasta (Shasta County CA). When young, the evergreen, leathery leaves have spiny margins while older leaves are usually entire. Both leaf … Continue reading

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Crystalline Tube Gall

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A gall formed on Oregon white oaks (Quercus garryana –┬ásee “Oaks in Spring” 03-05-14) by the cynipid wasp Trichoteras tubifaciens is the crystalline tube gall. A tubular-shaped gall covered in short, crystalline hairs, the crystalline tube gall ranges in color … Continue reading

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Urchin Gall Wasp

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The urchin gall wasp (Antron quercusechinus) is a cynipid wasp that induces galls on oaks and exhibits an alternation of generation. In the spring a sexual generation emerges from a bud gall. The males and females of this generation induce … Continue reading

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Sunburst Gall Wasp

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Another cynipid wasp that induces a fascinating gall on blue oaks and Oregon white oaks (Quercus garryana) is the sunburst gall wasp (Andricus stellaris). As with the ball-tipped gall wasp, another cynipid wasp featured in my last post (see “Ball-tipped … Continue reading

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Ball-tipped Gall Wasp

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Most wildflowers have long faded and due to the continuing drought in our area (Northern California) fungi are scarce while the birds are unpredictable and scattered. Thus while wandering about I find myself focusing on usually overlooked subjects. Oaks support … Continue reading

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Inquiline Modified Gall

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Parasites also have parasites. Along Ash Creek near the Lower Campground (Lassen County CA) I noticed a wild rose (did not attempt to identify the scraggly, dried up plant) covered with round, green galls. Galls are tumor-like growths that form … Continue reading

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