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Darlingtonia Flower

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Continuing the discussion of Darlingtonia (Darlingtonia californica) begun earlier this week (see “Carnivorous Darlingtonia” from 06-13-18): Nodding Darlingtonia flowers occur at the tip of leafless stalks which may have a few, scattered scales. The flower has five creamy sepals with … Continue reading

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Carnivorous Darlingtonia

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In my last post (“Darlingtonia” on 06-11-2018) I described the structure of a Darlingtonia (Darlingtonia californica) plant. This carnivorous plant, which often grows on nutrient-poor substrates, has evolved its unusual form to trap insects and thus supplement its nutritional requirements. … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 2 photos.

This is going to be Darlingtonia (Darlingtonia californica) week. I love this unusual plant. There are 3 genera and 17 species in the Pitcher Plant Family (Sarraceniaceae) found in North America. Of these 17 species only one is found in … Continue reading

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