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Cliff Swallow Adaptation

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One of our Christmas books from Son Matt was Darwin Comes to Town by Menno Schilthuizen. This excellent book discusses how urbanization is accelerating and changing evolution. In the book are many examples of HIREC, Human-Induced Rapid Evolutionary Change. The … Continue reading

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Collecting Mud

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Cliff swallows (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) historically built their nests on cliff faces or escarpments throughout large portions of North America. Now these social birds also use overpasses, buildings, bridges or other man-made structures for their nests, anywhere there is a juncture … Continue reading

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Cliff Swallow Nests

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As I mentioned earlier, cliff swallows (Petrochlidon pyrrhonota) construct gourd-shaped nests on vertical walls. No reinforcing material is added to the mud pellets that comprise the nest. A small entrance tunnel gives access to these completely enclosed swallow nests that … Continue reading

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Cliff Swallow

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A small colony of cliff swallows (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) build their nests on Hat Creek Powerhouse #1 (Shasta County CA) each summer. Cliff swallows place their gourd-shaped nests with small entrance tunnels on vertical walls, usually under an overhang, in or … Continue reading

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