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Gray Dagger Moth Caterpillar

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While walking through an alder thicket on the Paradise Meadow Trail at Lassen Volcanic National Park (California), I noticed a caterpillar gorging itself on alder leaves. I took a couple photographs hoping to identify the caterpillar. Not being an entomologist … Continue reading

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Darker Spotted Straw Moth Caterpillar

  A year after the Cove Fire consumed over 30,000 acres of the Modoc National Forest, the site along Forest Road 40N11 that Leonard and I are monitoring is rapidly recovering. Over the last year we recorded many mammal, bird, … Continue reading

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Fingered Dagger Moth Caterpillar

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The fingered dagger moth, also commonly called an alder dagger, was formerly classified as a separate species, Acronicta hesperida. This “western form” is now included in Acronicta dactylina and is no longer a separate species. Fingered dagger moth caterpillars are covered … Continue reading

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Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

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Butterflies and moths go through four stages in their life cycle – egg, several larvae or caterpillar phases (called instars), pupae and adult. Sphinx moth Pachysphinx occidentalis) caterpillars are beginning to burrow underground where they will pupate in shallow burrows before eventually metamorphosing … Continue reading

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Two-tailed Swallowtail

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For my butterfly fans: Swallowtails are the largest and most well known of our butterflies. They are found throughout the world, mainly in the tropics. Swallowtails are usually brightly colored. There are around twenty five swallowtail species in North America alone. When people … Continue reading

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Wooly Bear

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At the Big Lake (Shasta County CA) boat launch hundreds of wooly bears were crawling on the ground and nearby low vegetation. Wooly bears are the caterpillar or larval stage of the various tiger moths, characterized by dense hairs over their … Continue reading

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