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Still Growing

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This is an unusual year, in my opinion, for Canada goose (Branta canadensis) goslings. Normally it seems as though most of the chicks in our area arrive within a week or so of each other. This year Leonard and I … Continue reading

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Canada Goose Creche

As I mentioned in a previous post, when in close proximity, Canada geese (Branta canadensis) goslings will form large groups. These nursery groups, or creches, provide protection for the chicks (safety in numbers) and teach them how to work as a … Continue reading

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Growing Fast

The Canada goose chicks are growing fast! I went back to the areas where about two weeks ago I photographed some goslings (April 15th and April 16th posts). Those adorable, yellow balls of fuzz are much larger and are showing almost … Continue reading

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More Goslings

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Over the last few days I took many pictures of Canada goose (Branta canadensis) goslings. I posted the “limping” couple’s (a nest I was watching) three goslings yesterday. Goslings grow so rapidly that unless I share a couple more baby pictures … Continue reading

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The goslings are beginning to hatch!! Earlier this spring I noticed an unusual Canada goose (Branta canadensis) pair, the female had a pronounced limp. In an earlier post I showed pictures of what I assumed was the male defending his … Continue reading

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Nest Check

Just an update: Over the last few days I checked all the nests I am monitoring this season and that I have mentioned in the last few weeks. The kestrel pair, although we cannot see the nest because it is … Continue reading

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Canada Goose Eggs

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About a month ago I mentioned that the Canada geese were beginning to pair up and defend their territory in anticipation of the breeding season. The following day I posted a series of pictures in which the male Canada goose … Continue reading

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