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Clodius Parnassian

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Last week Leonard and I saw many clodius parnassian (Parnassius clodius) butterflies at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. These specimens were observed along the Castle Crest and Garfield Peak Trails. The wing patterns of clodius parnassians are quite variable. … Continue reading

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Boisduval’s Blue

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Boisduval’s blue (Plebejus icarioides) is a butterfly that ranges from British Columbia to Baja and east to the western edge of the Great Plains. It can be found in mountain meadows, forest openings and sagebrush areas, wherever there is a … Continue reading

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Clouded Sulfur

Several butterflies were flying about the Cove Fire site (Modoc National Forest Road 40N11 near Adin CA) when Leonard and I visited it on 09-24-2017, about seven weeks after the fire was controlled. (see “Resilience” on 08-28-17) I was surprised … Continue reading

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Great Spangled Fritillary

The great spangled fritillary is found in Southwestern Canada and most of the United States except the Deep South. This butterfly prefers open woods and meadows. On the upper side, the male great spangled fritillary (Speyeria cybele) is orange with … Continue reading

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California Tortoiseshell

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California tortoiseshells (Nymphalis californica) are found in the conifer forests of Western North America. These butterflies overwinter as adults. In the northern, colder parts of their range the adults emerge in late May or June and have only one generation. … Continue reading

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Sara Orangetip

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Violets, buttercups, fillaree, flat pods – the earliest spring wildflowers are beginning to bloom. The earliest flying butterflies have also begun to appear. One of the first butterflies to appear as spring approaches is the sara orangetip (Anthocaris sara). This … Continue reading

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Tattered Butterflies

We always think of butterflies as delicate insects. But they are not the fragile and dainty creatures we imagine, but are much stronger and resilient than we believe. Butterflies are real survivors. Butterflies’ wings wear and their scales come off … Continue reading

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