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Nictitating Membrane

When I think of great horned owls (Bubo virginianus) a picture of a ghostly figure peeringĀ  down from the high rafters of a barn comes to mind. Great horned owls are primarily nocturnal, hunting mostly from dusk to dawn. However, … Continue reading

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No Ear Tufts

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Walking along the road to Baum Lake (Lassen County CA) I noticed an unusual “lump” in a ponderosa pine about 100 feet off the road. Of course, I had to check out if it were simply a trick of angle … Continue reading

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Great Horned Owl Pair

Great horned owls (Bubo virginianus) begin preparing for nesting very early in the year – during the January thaws or warming days of early February. During this time great horned owls are very noisy, calling to each other and defending … Continue reading

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I recently made a discovery: Everyone is familiar with red eye or the red eye effect – those picture-ruining red eyes in photographs taken in dim light with a flash. Red eyes also appear in pictures of animals, although with … Continue reading

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Great Horned Owl During Day

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For over a week the ground has been blanketed in over two feet of snow and temperatures have not risen above freezing. With their food supply compromised, the wildlife in our area (Modoc County CA) is exhibiting unusual behavior. Birds … Continue reading

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