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Waxy Appendages

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Cedar waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) are named for the bright red, waxy “droplets” that form at the ends of their secondary flight feathers. These “droplets” are appendages or extensions at the end of the rachis (central shaft of the feather). Both … Continue reading

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Winter Larder

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Robert’s Butte near Lookout CA is covered in western junipers (Juniperus occidentalis). While walking there recently Leonard and I noticed evening grosbeaks eating the juniper berries. This surprised us as neither Leonard nor I can recall seeing evening grosbeaks eat … Continue reading

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Third Visitor

On the same day that Leonard and I saw a merlin in our yard for the first time, and a single evening grosbeak, a irruptive species that always arrives in flocks, we also saw a small flock of cedar waxwings … Continue reading

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Cedar Waxwing

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Cedar waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) are specialized to eat fruit and berries. Occasionally these medium sized birds will catch protein-rich insects, such as mayflies, dragonflies or stoneflies, in flight or eat a beetle or scale insect from vegetation. Yet these insects are a minor … Continue reading

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