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Allen’s Rule

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There are three principal Ecographic Rules for terrestrial environments: Allen’s Rule, Gloger’s Rule and Bergmann’s Rule. Ecographic Rules are concerned with variations in traits (mainly morphological) of organisms over goegraphical gradients. Allen’s Rule was discussed previously. (see “Gloger’s Rule” 10-10-16) … Continue reading

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Black-tailed jackrabbits (Lepus californicus) will eat almost any available green plant. Generally, jackrabbits eat more grasses and forbs (non-grass herbaceous flowering plants)  in the spring and summer while shrubs form the bulk of their winter diet. Recent heavy snows covered … Continue reading

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Reading the Snow

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Snow and frigid temperatures have inundated Big Valley CA, our home, recently. Leonard and I enjoy “reading the snow” to determine which animals wander through our pastures and the wildlife area on our property. We found the tracks of four … Continue reading

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Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Even though it has “rabbit” in its common name, the black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) is a hare. What is the difference? Rabbits are born without fur with closed eyes and are totally helpless. At birth hares are fully furred with … Continue reading

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