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Usually American coots (Fulica americana) can be seen swimming and diving in lakes, ponds or freshwater wetlands. In water the coot looks like a duck. On land this dark grey bird with a bright white bill and yellow-green legs resembles … Continue reading

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Juvenile American Coots

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Although I once again followed several bird nests this season, I did not report on the progress from eggs to fledglings, since that would basically repeat posts from previous years. However, many avian parents are now boldly introducing their offspring … Continue reading

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Unusual Meal

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As I wrote in an earlier post on the American coot (Fulica americana), “Although they eat aquatic plants and will pick at terrestrial vegetation, they are not strictly vegetarian and will also take insects, crustaceans and small vertebrates.” Although American … Continue reading

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Where have all the. . .coots gone?

Without wildflowers in bloom and trees in leaf, winter can seem rather sterile. In reality there is much to see and observe.¬†However the other day I began to wonder. Leonard and I were walking in the Ash Creek Wildlife Refuge.¬†There … Continue reading

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