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Raucous Acorn Woodpeckers

Last year (2014) the oaks in our area produced very few acorns. As a result the local acorn woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus) population plummeted. In areas where we would normally see large families of acorn woodpeckers there were none, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Still Some Acorn Woodpeckers

The oaks near Crystal Lake (Shasta County CA) produced very few acorns the last two years. As a result the acorn woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus) population seems to have decline precipitously. The acorn crop for 2015 has yet to be determined, … Continue reading

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Purple Martin

I made a mistake! A few days ago Leonard and I saw a pair of purple martins (Progne subis) at a woodpecker hole in a ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa)¬†snag near Crystal Lake (Shasta County CA). We were excited because we … Continue reading

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Acorn Woodpecker Social Structure

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If you see an acorn woodpecker (Melanerpes¬†formicivorus) there are most certainly others nearby. Living in communal groups acorn woodpeckers have a most interesting social structure. Walter Koenig from Cornell Lab of Ornithology said it well: acorn woodpeckers engage in mate … Continue reading

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Acorn Woodpecker Granary

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Acorn woodpeckers (Melanerpes¬†formicivorus), which I introduced yesterday, eat insects, tree sap and fruits. They can often be seen catching insects high above the tree canopy or gleaning them off the limbs of trees. The species name for the acorn woodpecker, … Continue reading

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