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Bitterbrush Fruits

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Continuing the topic of bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata – see “Bitterbrush in Winter” 01-12-2018)), I have photographs of bitterbrush fruits taken in May and July on Timbered Crater (Shasta County CA) and along Modoc National Forest Road 40N11 near Adin CA … Continue reading

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Yellow Salsify Achenes

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Before leaving the topic of “salsify” I will share its achenes (a hard fruit with one seed within). The salsify achene has a beak (elongated tip) and a pappus (bristles at the top). The pappus bristles are plumose (feathery). The … Continue reading

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Western Groundsel

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A native of Western United States and found in the western and many central states (except New Mexico), western groundsel  (Senecio integerrimus) grows in mountain meadows, on montane talus slopes and is especially prevalent in the sagebrush communities of Northeastern California. … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 6 photos.

I previously wrote about pussypaws. Antennaria rosea is another plant whose flowers’ resemblance (at least to some people) to cats’ feet gave it the common name pussytoes. Pussytoes, a member of the aster family, is native to the mountains of … Continue reading

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Dwarf Thistle

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Mention thistle and immediately the purple thistle that is the floral emblem of Scotland comes to mind. Yet there are several genera of thistles and not all thistles look like the “Scotch” thistle. An artichoke is a thistle. The dwarf thistle … Continue reading

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