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Desert Rocknettle

Desert rocknettle (Eucnide urens) is a native shrub covered with sharp, barbed bristles and hairs. When touched these spines stick like Velcro, but are not particularly irritating. However, when the plant dries the spines sting, burn and are irritating and … Continue reading

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Bur Buttercup Fruits

Bur buttercup (Ceratocephalus testiculatus, formerly Ranunculus testiculatus) is one of our earliest wildflowers to bloom, appearing immediately after the snow melts. It is also very short-lived. Once it appears, it is only days before the fruits are mature and the … Continue reading

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Devil’s Spineflower

Devil’s spineflower (Chorizanthe rigida) is a very small plant that is often more conspicuous dead than alive. The spiny bracts surrounding the flowers become extremely rigid and dark and the short stem becomes woody. The plant skeleton, with its sharp … Continue reading

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Turpentine Broom

In March while exploring near the Eureka Mine in Death Valley National Park CA, I came upon a small patch of turpentine broom (or turpentinebroom). A native, long-lived shrub, turpentine broom (Thamnosma montana) grows on gravelly or rocky slopes and … Continue reading

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Brown Eyes

Brown eyes (Chylismia claviformis) gets some of its common names from the color of its hypanthium, which is red, maroon or brown. The hypanthium is the fusion of the corolla, calyx and stamens at their bases enclosing the ovary or … Continue reading

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