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Western Trumpet Honeysuckle

Western trumpet honeysuckle (Lonicera ciliosa) is native to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Northern California, mostly west of the Cascades. It is also found in Idaho and Montana with isolated communities in Utah and Arizona. Western trumpet honeysuckle ecology is … Continue reading

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California Lady’s Slipper Fruits

In May Leonard and I found California lady’s slipper plants (Cypripedium californicum) along Stony Creek Trail in Six Rivers National Recreational Area (Del Norte County CA). Some of the beautiful flowers were beginning to develop fruits. See: California Lady’s Slipper … Continue reading

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Hooker’s Fairybell Fruits

A previous post discussed Hooker’s fairybell (Prosartes hookeri) and its similarity to Smith’s fairybell (Prosartes smithii) (Hooker’s Fairybell 05-23-18). The fruits of the two species are also similar and difficult to distinguish in the field, unless one knows the identity … Continue reading

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Shaggy Hawkweed

Chaos Jumbles in Lassen Volcanic National Park CA, where these plants were photographed in August, is perfect habitat for shaggy hawkweed (Pilosella horridum). This member of the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae) prefers rocky slopes, granite crevices and other dry, open rocky … Continue reading

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Bull Thistle

Due to its size, spines and rapid spread, bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare) is considered an aggressive weed or noxious plant. Its seeds are wind dispersed, are viable for over ten years and each plant can produce over 10,000 seeds with … Continue reading

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