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According to the literature, chicory (Cichorium intybus) flower heads are blue, rarely white. In June, Leonard and I discovered blue, white and distinctly pink chicory flower heads between the North and South Elkins Barns at Ash Creek Wildlife Area near … Continue reading

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Mountain Sorrel

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Mountain sorrel (Oxyria digyna) is an important circumpolar and circumboreal plant. Caribou, geese and musk oxen eat its leaves while lemmings, voles and Arctic hares prefer the roots for nourishment. The leaves, high in Vitamin C, were used by the … Continue reading

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Sticky Sandspurry

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Sticky sandspurry (Spergularia macrotheca) is a member of the Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae). This perennial native has a woody, thickened base and taproot from which several, leafy, reclining to sprawling stems arise. The entire plant is covered in glandular hairs and … Continue reading

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Howell’s Mariposa Lily

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Driving along Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest Road 4201 west of Oregon Highway 199 in Josephine County last June I noticed a hillside with white flowers I could not identify. Leonard is very good at stopping and backing up (obviously … Continue reading

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European Centaury

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European centaury (Centaurium erythraea) is native to and widespread in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.  This annual, sometimes a biennial, member of the Gentian Family (Gentianaceae) has been introduced into Eastern Australia and the Americas. In the United States … Continue reading

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Hiker’s Gentian

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Last week Leonard and I hiked to Paradise Meadow at Lassen Volcanic National Park. This late in the season I did not expect to encounter wildflowers to photograph. Instead I was expecting to enjoy a gorgeous fall day and learn … Continue reading

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Saffron-flowered Lupine

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There are more than 130 species of lupine in California alone. These members of Fabaceae, the Legume or Pea Family, look very similar and are, at least for me, difficult to identify. My lupine posts are usually of those species … Continue reading

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