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Panicled Tick Clover

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At this time of the year Leonard does as lot of grumbling about the noxious weeds that spread onto our property from neighboring fields and pastures. A large number of the invaders are native to the Mediterranean, arriving with the … Continue reading

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French Broom

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Several species of “broom” were introduced into the Pacific States from the Mediterranean Area. Because these members of the Pea Family (Fabeaceae) are very invasive as well as containing toxic alkaloids that can depress the heart and nervous system of … Continue reading

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Sea Pink

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It is interesting how one thing can lead to another. I got far from the subject of botany while researching the meaning of Armeria, the genus of today’s wildflower, sea pink. Armeria is the Latinized French word “armoires”, a cluster-headed … Continue reading

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Red Maids

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“Its modest charms are best appreciated from a kneeling position, appropriate in the presence of the divine handiwork represented in these small jewels” LJ Clark, Wildflowers of British Columbia (1973) Red maids (Calandrinia menziesii) are delightful little flowers that indeed … Continue reading

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Annual Turtleback

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Members of the genus Psathyrotes are commonly called turtlebacks because they form rounded mounds of leaves that resemble a desert tortoise shell in size and shape. The most common is velvet turtleback (Psathyrotes ramosissima). I foundĀ  another more widely distributed, … Continue reading

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