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Dwarf Tanoak

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Tanoak (Notholithocarpus densiflora) can grow in two forms: a tree (var densiflora) or a shrub (var echinoides). In July, Leonard and I found dwarf tanoak (also called tanoak shrub) growing in profusion along the Castle Lake Road in Shasta Trinity … Continue reading

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Granite Prickly Phlox

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Granite prickly phlox (Linanthus pungens) is a low shrub that grows erect or may be short and spreading, depending on the environment. Under good conditions, the plant can grow up to 3 feet in height, while at higher elevations mat-like … Continue reading

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Rock Spiraea

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The plant Leonard and I commonly call rock spiraea is a variety of Holodiscus discolor (oceanspray or cream bush).  As I mentioned in my last post (“Rockmat” on 11-06-19), Petrophytum caespitosum is often also colloquially referred to as rock spiraea. … Continue reading

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Leonard and I were first introduced to Petrophytum caespitosum in October while visiting Great Basin National Monument in Nevada as “rock spiraea”. It was growing along the Mountain View Nature Trail.  Hmmm. . . We were familiar with a “rock … Continue reading

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Shasta Knotweed

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Another Mount Lassen wildflower/shrub photographed in Lassen Volcanic National Park in California: Shasta knotweed (Polygonum shastense) is an inconspicuous plant. Climbing up Mount Lassen I noticed these native perennials while looking around as Leonard was studying some rock samples. The … Continue reading

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Manzanita Leaf Gall Aphid

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In my previous post (see “Manzanita Leaf Fungus” on 08-20-2019), I discussed a manzanita (Arctosstaphylos ssp) gall caused by a fungus. An aphid, the manzanita leaf gall aphid (Tamalia coweni), also induces galls on manzanita shrubs. T coweni has an … Continue reading

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Manzanita Leaf Fungus

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There are more than 50 species of manzanita (Arctostaphylos ssp) in California alone. Two agents induce galls in manzanita species. Exobasidium vaccinii, a fungus, is one of these agents. E vaccinii induces swollen, convex, bright red galls on the dorsal … Continue reading

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