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Western Pond Turtle Eggs

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Even though I caught and kept a newt in a small terrarium for several years when I was growing up in Western Pennsylvania, I am not particularly interested in reptiles and amphibians and thus do not know much about them. … Continue reading

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Garter Snake Labials

I am not a big reptile person and usually ignore them. However a couple days ago Leonard and I were walking in Ash Creek Wildlife Area near Lookout CA (Modoc County) when we came upon this western terrestrial garter snake … Continue reading

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Northwestern Fence Lizard

For years, six subspecies of western fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)¬† were recognized, mostly separated geographically. Currently, western fence lizards are being extensively studied. As a result of new DNA work it is expected that the taxonomy of S. occidentalis will … Continue reading

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More Western Bullsnakes

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While walking with friends along Lower Hat Creek (Shasta County CA), our foursome came upon four entwined western bullsnakes (Pitophis catenifer). The snakes were each about three feet long. When the snakes became aware of our presence they disengaged and … Continue reading

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Garter Snake Defense

A few warmer days have brought snakes out of their winter dormancy. Reptiles are ectotherms, or cold blooded – active during the warm months but going into a state of physiological dormancy, called brumation, during the winter. Brumation is not … Continue reading

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Western Pond Turtle

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The Western pond turtle (Clemmys¬†marmorata) is the only turtle native to California. Found in wetland habitats, including rivers, streams and ponds, the pond turtle needs rocks, snags or other sites where it can bask. The Western pond turtle has a … Continue reading

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Western Fence Lizard

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As soon as there is a warm, sunny day the western fence lizard (Sceloporus¬†occidentalis) comes out of its winter hibernation. Common in California and parts of nearby states, the western fence lizard is also called a blue belly or a … Continue reading

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