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Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) are social animals that typically stay in groups. Females and their offspring form multi-generational herds. Only during the fawning season do these familial groups temporarily disperse. Bucks and young males either remain single or group together … Continue reading

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Pronghorns and Horses

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We often see pronghorn (commonly and incorrectly called antelope) and mule deer together (see “Deer and Antelope Play” on 04-19-19). Mule deer also often graze in the pastures with our horses (see “Derby Day” on 05-05-12). But for some reason … Continue reading

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Unaware Coyote

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Leonard and I were hiking the Eagle Pole Trail (my name) at Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Lassen County CA) when we noticed a coyote. The wind was in our favor so we continued to walk toward the coyote, who was … Continue reading

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Interesting Composition

During this “stay-at-home” period Leonard and I hike in Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Modoc/Lassen Counties CA) almost every day. Winter birds are leaving, summer residents are arriving and the year-round fauna continue to delight. Because of cold temperatures spring is … Continue reading

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Shared Habitat

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In our area the chief food of coyotes is lagomorphs (hares, rabbits), small rodents (ground squirrels, gophers, kangaroo rats, meadow mice and voles) insects, nuts, berries and fruit. However,  coyotes (Canis latrans) are very adaptable and will eat whatever is … Continue reading

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