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Striped Ladybug

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Yesterday Leonard and I walked the Wildflower Trail at Ash Creek Wildlife Area near Lookout CA (Modoc County). Our spring is very late this year, so wildflowers were not blooming in profusion. But aggregations of striped ladybugs (Paranaemia vittigera) were … Continue reading

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Impatiens Hawk Moth

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My impression of Japanese insects was that they are often larger and more colorful than many of their North American “relatives”. Often I see them referred to as being “more scary”. I find many of these insects fascinating. This impatiens … Continue reading

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Yellowjacket Nest

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This month Leonard and I were walking at Little Lavas near Modoc National Forest Road 56 (Modoc County CA) when we came across a underground nest dug up by some animal. The papery combs were scattered around the underground hive … Continue reading

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Oak Apple Gall

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There are over 150 species cynipid wasps that induce galls on California oaks. Barely the size of fruit flies, these wasps cause some of the most exotic plant galls displaying a variety of shapes (conical, spherical, stalked, disc-shaped, spiny, etc.) … Continue reading

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Red Cone Gall

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There are over 800 species of cynipid wasps, most of which use oak trees as their egg-laying sites. The red cone gall is induced by the cynipid wasp Andricus kingi. Red cone galls occur on the leaves of blue, OregonĀ  … Continue reading

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Introduced Mantis

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At the Konpira Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture (Shikoku Japan), I photographed a praying mantis that closely resembled the praying mantis we see on our property near Lookout CA (Modoc County). I later discovered, much to my surprise, that this praying … Continue reading

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Darker Spotted Straw Moth Caterpillar

  A year after the Cove Fire consumed over 30,000 acres of the Modoc National Forest, the site along Forest Road 40N11 that Leonard and I are monitoring is rapidly recovering. Over the last year we recorded many mammal, bird, … Continue reading

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