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Another Dye Polypore

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Although I already discussed dye polypores (Phaeolus schweinitzii) in a previous post (“Dye Polypore” on 10-30-2011), I was fascinated by this specimen growing along the Hatton-Hiouchi Trail in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park (Del Norte County CA). This fungus grows … Continue reading

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Phoenix Oyster

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Phoenix oysters (Pleurotus pulmonarius) are shelf-like gilled mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms in the Pleurotus genus are morphologically very similar. Often substrate and time of occurrence are the best way to separate them in the field. For example, P ostreatus (red oyster) … Continue reading

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Snowbank Orange Peel Fungus

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One of the earliest spring mushrooms is the snowbank orange peel fungus (Caloscypha fulgens).¬†When growing at higher elevations, it is often found near melting snowbanks. These snowbank orange peel fungi were growing along the Castle Crest Trail at Crater Lake … Continue reading

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Western Giant Puffball

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The Basidiomycetes are fungi that bear spores on (not in) specialized cells called basidia. One group of Basidiomytes produce their spores externally on gills, tubes, lobes, etc, and are the typical “mushrooms” with which we are all familiar. The second … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Gumdrop

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Poor man’s gumdrop (Guepiniopsis alpinus) is a fungus found on dead conifer logs, stumps and branches. It is known as a “snowbank” mushroom because it is found fruiting in the spring at higher elevations from the Rocky Mountains westward, often … Continue reading

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