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California Maidenhair

California maidenhair (Adiantum jordanii) is a delicate fern arising from a slender, creeping rhizome. Ferns have their own descriptive terminology. Although they photosynthesize like flowering plants, the life cycle of a fern is different with gametophyte and sporophyte stages and … Continue reading

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Clover Fern

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Clover fern (Marsilea vestita) is another aquatic fern that does not resemble our visual idea of a fern. This member of the Marsilea Family (Marsileaceae) inhabits seasonally wet habitats such as vernal pools, pond margins, creek beds and muddy places … Continue reading

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Jekyll/Hyde Fern

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In my last post (on 05-13-20) an aquatic fern, red water fern (Azolla filiculoides) was presented. In addition to being physically different from our usual idea of a fern, red water fern, depending on one’s point of view, can be … Continue reading

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Red Water Fern

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In February, Leonard and I were walking along Abbott’s Lagoon Trail in Point Reyes National Seashore (California) with friends, Chris and Edith. Passing a pond covered in green and red, I was tempted to ignore that aquatic plant. Thankfully Chris, … Continue reading

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Pod Fern

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Ultramafic rocks can be either igneous or metamorphic. They are characterized by a very low silica content (<45%), high magnesium and iron content and low potassium. Serpentine soils, which are rather rare and localized in distribution, are derived from ultramafic … Continue reading

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