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Juvenile Virginia Rail

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In addition to the adult Virginia rails (Rallus limicola) Leonard and I were able to observe, as discussed in yesterday’s post (“Virginia Rail” on 07-06-19), there were also several juveniles and immatures that would creep out of the dense vegetation … Continue reading

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Virginia Rail

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Virginia rails (Rallus limicola) are secretive birds, often heard but seldom seen. Their habitat is tall stands of reeds and cattails with standing water. Leonard and I could hear their distinctive calls, but would only catch glimpses of these elusive … Continue reading

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Nictitating Membrane

When I think of great horned owls (Bubo virginianus) a picture of a ghostly figure peeringĀ  down from the high rafters of a barn comes to mind. Great horned owls are primarily nocturnal, hunting mostly from dusk to dawn. However, … Continue reading

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Five Barn Swallow Chicks

Five chicks are in the barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) nest under the eaves of our back porch (near Lookout CA – Modoc Count)y. Every year we host barn swallows and usually three nestlings fledge. This is our largest clutch ever. … Continue reading

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Ranchman’s Tiger Moth

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Leonard and I again hiked Elkins #2 Loop in Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Modoc County CA) trying to photograph a sora, a secretive bird that thus far has eluded my camera. We heard many sora and saw two fly briefly. … Continue reading

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Wilson’s Phalarope

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Three days ago Leonard and I hiked Elkins #2 Loop at Ash Creek Wildlife Area near Lookout CA (Modoc County). I was searching for American pillwort plants, which I was certain I had seen along that trail. My memory failed … Continue reading

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Great Egret Breeding Adults

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Great egret (Ardea alba) sexes are similar. These pure white birds with yellow bills and black legs are a often observed while hunting by standing immobile or wading in wetlands. During the breeding season, the lores (region between eye and … Continue reading

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