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Two Species?

Currently there is only one species of willet (Tringa semipalmatus). Some birders recognize two subspecies, the western inornatus and the eastern semipalmatus, and believe the subspecies should be designated as separate species. Species (and genus) designation decisions are made by … Continue reading

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Courting Wild Turkeys

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After many years of decline, wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) are now found in all continental states. There are four wild turkey subspecies within the United States, with two additional subspecies found in Mexico. Wild turkeys prefer open woods bordered by … Continue reading

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Lark Sparrow

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The sole member of its genus, the lark sparrow (Chondestes grammacus) is our largest open-country sparrow.  It is found singly or in flocks of up to about 50 members on the prairies and on mesas, along roadsides, and in fallow … Continue reading

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Greater Sage-grouse

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Leonard and I spent Easter weekend hiking in Northern California and Oregon. We had three “quests”: a greater sage-grouse, a silk tassel bush and a great grey owl. We found two of our goals, only the great grey owl continues … Continue reading

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Pipilo maculatus

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Spotted towhees (Pipilo maculatus) are denizens of dry, brushy areas and forest edges – habitats with dense shrub cover and lots of leaf litter. Here they hop about scratching for seeds, nuts, berries and small invertebrates. Because they usually forage … Continue reading

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Status Determination

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We are all familiar with the “to the death” struggles between males of certain mammal species to determine social status within their group. However, such dramatic confrontations are not the only methods for animals to ascertain a dominance hierarchy. Adult … Continue reading

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Irruptive Behavior?

Although Lewis’s woodpeckers (Melenerpes lewis) are not overly abundant here in Northeastern California, Leonard and I usually saw them several times each year. We eventually learned a few areas where they could usually be found. However, in the last couple … Continue reading

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