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Pacific Coast Tick

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There are two types of ticks – hard shelled and soft shelled. Hard ticks have a shield-like plate (scutum) covering part of their back while soft ticks lack a scutum. Ticks, like spiders, are classified as Arachnids and have 8 … Continue reading

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Hammock Spider

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While photographing wet rot (“Wet Rot” 11-14-14) on a Douglas fir log, I noticed a hammock spider wandering about on the same log. The spider was rather cooperative so I was also able to photograph this little arachnid. I believe … Continue reading

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Jumping Spider

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While picking up a dead moth from the living room floor, I noticed a spider greedily devouring it. That got me curious. . . Jumping spiders are common throughout North America. Generally carnivorous, jumping spiders are usually found in vegetation … Continue reading

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Addendum: Joro Spider

Our Japanese son-in-law passed along an interesting bit of trivia concerning the common name of the joro spider (Nephila clavata) on which I did a recent post – Joro Spider. In Japan the spider is known as joro-gumo. Chikuma said … Continue reading

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Joro Spider

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Known as joro-gumo in Japan, the joro spider (Nephila clavata) can be seen in gardens, parks and wooded areas during mid-autumn. With a large body (up to 2 inches in length, excluding the legs), yellow and bluish-grey abdomen, bright red … Continue reading

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