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Greater Bladderwort

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Greater bladderwort (Utricularia macrorhiza) is a free-floating aquatic plant. The stems, which can grow to three feet or more in length, do not have roots and float or are partially submerged in ponds, lakes and sluggish streams from low to … Continue reading

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The bur-reeds are a widespread and highly variable group of plants. For example, some taxonomists separate narrow leaf bur-reed (Sparganium angustifolium) into at least three additional, separate species (emersum, siaplex and multipedunculatum) while others consider all four a single species, … Continue reading

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White Water Crowfoot

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White water crowfoot (Ranunculus aquatilis) is an interesting aquatic plant whose leaves can take two forms – threadlike, branching underwater leaves or shiny, palmately-lobed floating leaves, although not all plants have “floaters. Heterophylly (leaf shape) is influenced by interplay between … Continue reading

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Fringed Water Plantain

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Fringed water plantain (Damasonium californium)  inhabits sloughs, marshes and shallow water pools, ponds and lakes as well as slow-drying vernal pools. Since spring officially ended yesterday, this will be the last post in my recent series of vernal (spring) pool … Continue reading

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Water Smartweed

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Water smartweed (Persicaria amphibia) is an interesting plant because of its variable morphology and the fact that it is amphibious (adapted to both land and water). Water smartweed can be found floating in the water, creeping along the ground or growing erect. … Continue reading

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