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Northern Red-legged Frog

Northern red-legged frogs (Rana aurora) are found in aquatic habitats including wetlands, rivers and streams and ephemeral and permanent ponds. They also live terrestrially in coarse, woody debris amid trees. Northern red-legged frogs require still water for breeding. Often they … Continue reading

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Pacific Treefrog

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Pacific treefrogs (Pseudacris regilla) are amphibians. Derived from the Greek “amphi”  and “bios” meaning “both” and “life” respectively, amphibians inhabit water early in their lives and then change to a form that can live on land. Pacific treefrogs are small, … Continue reading

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Western Toad

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About a week ago while walking around Medicine Lake (Siskiyou County CA) I noticed hundreds of little toads in the grass near the shore. There were so many that I had to tread carefully to not squash one of these … Continue reading

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