Intelligent Raven

As I noted in a previous post (Raven Antics 05-04-20), common ravens (Corvis corax) and other members of the Corvid Family are noted for their intelligence, adaptability, and mischievous natures. The raven with a distinctive call, sounding as though it has laryngitis or a frog in its throat, mentioned in that post continues to hang around our property. This raven follows us about at a distance but never approaches us. Recently it provided Leonard and I with another example of its intelligence.

Lately the night are cold and water in the livestock troughs freezes over. When Leonard stepped outside to feed and break ice he heard a steady, loud, rhythmic tapping sound. Only when he got near one of the water troughs did he realize what was making the noise. It was “our” raven pounding on the surface of the ice. As Leonard approached, the raven moved off a short distance and watched while Leonard broke the ice. The raven then returned to the water trough and had a drink. I do not know if the raven figured out that pecking on the thin ice would break it and make water available or if he previously watched Leonard pound on the ice to crack it, but the raven knew how to get at the water. Either way, the raven figured out how to get to the water.

This raven, photographed on our property near Lookout CA (Modoc County), does entertain us.

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