Unaware Coyote

Leonard and I were hiking the Eagle Pole Trail (my name) at Ash Creek Wildlife Area (Lassen County CA) when we noticed a coyote. The wind was in our favor so we continued to walk toward the coyote, who was totally unaware of our presence. We came within about ten feet of Mr Coyote then stood watching him (her?) for several minutes. The coyote continued to groom itself. Finally we were noticed and the coyote trotted off.

The opportunity to observe this beautiful animal at very close range for such a long time was thrilling.

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1 Response to Unaware Coyote

  1. Betty Daniels says:

    We have a different opinion of the coyote in our area. They are a terrible menace. My husband had around 45 sheep for over 40 years, and when the Game Commission imported the coyote, in 1 winter the coyote killed and ate 25 of them. We are over run and it is almost impossible to get rid of them.

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