2019 Spring Wildflowers

Spring is very late this year. Leonard and I are happy to finally be finding the earliest wildflowers beginning to bloom. I seem to be genetically hard-wired to photograph every species I find, even if I already have “hundreds” of photographs of that particular flower. I already discussed all these plants in detail, thus will not repeat myself and will instead give links to the previous posts. Some of the earliest flowers near our home this year include these photographed at Ash Creek Wildlife Area near Lookout CA (Modoc County):


Spring Gold  (Crocidium multicaule) – 17 April 2017

Beckwith’s Violet  (Viola beckwithii) – 24 March 2014

Spreading Phlox (Phlox diffusa)  – 14 May 2012

Spring Whitlow Grass (Draba verna) – 20 April 2012

Yellow Bell (Fritillaria pudica) – 26 February 2012

California Hesperochiron (Hesperochiron californicus) – 28 July 2017

In my next post I will share a few more of our more common spring wildflowers.




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1 Response to 2019 Spring Wildflowers

  1. Lin Erickson says:

    Yes, we are seeing most of these at our place as well. This year we have many more Beckwith’s Violets than usual…have not seen the Yellow Bell yet.

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