Happy Ending

This post is simply a story with a happy ending and pictures of a cute little bird.

Last week a friend brought over a lesser goldfinch female (Spinus psaltria) that crashed into her glass sliding door in Lookout CA (Modoc County). The little girl had a “bump” on her head, visible in the pictures. The bird was unable to stand and kept falling over, but otherwise seemed calm with no other visible injuries.

Leonard, a retired veterinarian, suggested Allison build a little “nest” for “Goldie”, keep her warm, hydrated, fed and with luck the goldfinch would recover from her concussion. Allison was a great caretaker and Goldie was a perfect patient. She voraciously drank water and ate niger seeds and sieved hard boiled eggs. After three days Goldie was no longer falling over and was able to fly around the house. It was time to release the recovered bird.

When Goldie was turned loose outdoors, she immediately returned to the flock of lesser goldfinches on the niger sock on Allison’s porch. We assume Goldie is now happily one of the lesser goldfinches gorging on niger.

So many birds that crash into windows do not survive. We are delighted this story turned out well.

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5 Responses to Happy Ending

  1. usermattw says:

    What a sweet story!

  2. Lin Erickson says:

    Me, too! Good work Drs. Larson & Allison!!!

  3. Deanna Jarvie says:

    Heartwarming story.

  4. tonytomeo says:

    Large birds, such as red tailed hawks, can break old glass window!

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